Unit 1: self assessment and work schedule.

Unit 01 Collaborative work schedule

Prepare and maintain a work schedule. Prepare and maintain a work schedule to meet the requirements of the commercial brief. Upload your work schedule name this ‘work schedule Unit 1’ All work completed needs to be unloaded onto a WordPress blog

Project manager duties Answer
o    Develop a project plan


The project plan we created was that set out the following project plan:

Define the target audience, does people who would be interested in the portfolio

Define roles and responsibilities.

Set design goals and production objectives.

Create a sitemap for the project.

Set a deadline


o    Assign tasks to project team members


Assign a task for the project teams

Brainstorm everything that needs to get done

Categorise tasks into groups

Create a website structure

Assign responsibilities

o    Lead and manage the project team


The best way to lead the team is to help guide your team through the project and try to take as much pressure off of them.

Make time to lead: As a team leader you need to be visible to the team and available to support them.

Get to know your team: Leadership is all about how you influence your team to achieve its objectives something you’ll struggle to do if you don’t get to know your team members and what makes them click.

Communicate: Once your team is up and running, it’s important to keep the communication going to build relationships and assess progress. Plus, you’ll get more engagement from team members if they see you investing time in them and showing interest in their activities.

Lead by example: Be open, honest and passionate. Treat everyone on the team fairly, with respect and without favouritism and you’ll find those behaviours returned

Reward the good and learn from the bad: Be quick to recognise a good performance and reward it where appropriate.

Delegate: Trust your team to do its job. Being team leader doesn’t mean you’re there to do other people’s work for them.

Be decisive: Don’t procrastinate. Grab the nettle when you need to.

Creating website designs


Define what success means

Put your thoughts on paper first

Start sketching a top-level framework

Add a grid

Choose your typography

Select your colour theme

Divide the layout

Rethink the established

Locating photography


I used https://www.pexels.com/ to get my free none copyrighted photographs
discuss requirements and/or project progress Team Discussions
Learning new software skills I learnt new software skills by using the WordPress Software I learn things like the themes and how you can install multiple of them into your WordPress and decide which one is best for your website.

I also learnt about installing Plugins and in fact they are one of the most crucial things you must know since there are different things you can do with it like add a social media icon link or add a shopping cart icon, they are basically the things that makes your website a website.

Working as part of a team 1.    Understanding the end goal

2.    Identify clear roles

3.    Collaborate

4.    Recognise interdependencies

5.    Ask questions

6.    Communicate

7.    Break it down

8.    Look at the past.

9.    Look to the future


Self-Assessment Unit 01 Collaboration in the creative sector


Unit 01 Collaboration in the creative sector
This unit covers the use of video within interactive media products. Learners will look at techniques for video and how they’ve developed. They’ll explore ideas for the use of video within interactive media and creative their own videos using appropriate post-production techniques.

Types of evidence: final interactive media outcomes presented in a suitable format. Records of feedback and response should be documented by the learner in written or audio-visual form.


Student : Salman Hussain


Date: June 17 2018
Portfolio evidence: https://www.behance.net/driftstar2ba82


Date: June 17 2018
Assessor: Chris Keeble


Internal verification:


Read and use the Video rubric provided to write a detailed self-assessment of your overall projects.  Write at least two sentences to describe your performance on each of the descriptive items found in the rubric.  List the new skills you have learned.  What do you like most, or least about your projects?



3.6 Obtain feedback from stakeholders in the creative collaborative project

Mustapaha- Used a variation of techniques which made it look very professional, it has a links to all students work; Interactive media missions; on Behence. What made the website a good one is using a simple theme, font and very interesting pictures.

Natan-Me and Drift shared ideas together and posted on the website

David: Salman was actually quite good he wrote the text and used good words to describe our work on collaboration project. He posted a very good video on our website which makes the visitor attracted to the website.




3.7 Evaluate own performance against project plan


The text, graphics, images, and multimedia links were created and checked for errors. Correctly organised in alphabetical order

Content is presented in a clear manner that is easy to follow. • Readers can get around your website with ease. • There are

Content is simple and to the point. • Design is easy to understand in many ways





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