Unit:9 self assessment

Unit 09 Video in interactive media


2.1 Prepare and maintain a work schedule for the development of a video in interactive media

Scene Shot Description Audio Description Why did you use this shot
1 View of earth from the outside. Storm I used this shot to show the outside of the earth and then move in to earth. The shot is a clear statement of purpose, which the audience would understand.
2 View of the sea and city. Water waves I used this shot to show a part of the city with the sea and sunlight, its shows a rich variety of supporting information.
3 View of modern buildings in the city in sunlight. People talking and cars I used this shot to show the modern part of the city and afternoon. Information in the video contributes to understanding the project’s main idea.
4 Sunset Boat and people talking. This scene was used to give the viewer a sense of a time change between day and night also the transitions of how the day life is compared to the night life.
5 View of the sea, the bridge and yachts at night. Movement of water I used this shot to show the night life of the city. The content includes a clear statement of purpose or theme
6 Traffic and people crossing the road at night. Traffic and people talking This shot was to show another aspect of the night life. The content includes a clear point of view with a progression of ideas and supporting information.
7 Overhead view of a building from a drone Wind Using this shot it shown different parts of the city and how they are during the night time. This gives a clear understanding to the viewer of what the idea of the video is.
8 Video taken from an apartment when it’s raining. Raining and water drops. Using this show I presented a part of night where it’s raining and to show weather change. This shot describes to the viewer of how the weather changes during the night time.
9 Fast forwarded video of a sunrise Water Using this shot it has shown a time of the day that has changed in a logical order. Events and messages are presented in a logical order.
10 Video of the ground whilst it’s raining in the morning. Water drops and rain. With this shot I was able to describe the after affect of the raining at night and it gave a clear idea to the viewer of the transition of the day.


Self-Assessment Unit 09 Video


Unit 09 Video in interactive media
You are to write an evaluation of your video work. Use the grading description below to help you write your evaluation.



Student : Salman Hussain


Behance url: https://www.behance.net/kwangsa027a54


Date: 25/05/2018
Assessor: Chris Keeble


Date: 25/05/2018
Internal verification: Kevin Rolan


Date: 25/05/2018
Read and use the Video rubric provided to write a detailed self-assessment of your overall projects.  Write at least two sentences to describe your performance on each of the descriptive items found in the rubric.  List the new skills you have learned.  What do you like most, or least about your projects?


Write your evaluation in the boxes on the right:


Explore a range of ideas for the development of a video In the early stages I had an idea of doing a video about nature and animals. However I explored a huge range of different themes and the idea of presenting the city felt like a good idea. Going along with this idea I started exploring a range of other different ideas such as giving the theme a story. I started the video of by showing the morning and then started to present the night time. After a while I also started to discover other ideas and put in an idea of a weather change. I added rain to the night time and the sound effects played a major role in it as it gave the reader more sense of what was going on. Changing the scene back tor morning by displaying a sunrise the video shown how the weather was after what happened in the night. The weather and the change of day night were presented in a chronological order to help the viewer understand the transition.
Experiment with a range of techniques The techniques I used demonstrate a compelling look to the video and provide motivating content that hooks the viewer from the beginning of the video and keeps the audience’s attention. In the beginning I changed to opacity of the video from 0 to a 100% which give it an opening effect of the video after that I used a fade to go on to the next scene to make the video seem smooth and professional.
Editing video The tape is edited with only high quality shots remaining. Video moves smoothly from shot to shot because of how I have placed the videos together. Varieties of transitions are used to assist in communicating the main idea and smooth the flow from one scene to the next.
Edit video using appropriate post-production techniques I was really happy the way the video turned out. All of the scenes were just long enough to make the viewer understand what the video was about. Also the pace of the video was just right to make the viewer understand what was going on.

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