Unit:4 copyright laws in animation.

What are copyright laws?

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, which is the current copyright law which allows the creator of the product to control the way their product can be used for example Broadcast and public performance, copying, adapting, issuing, renting and lending copies to the public. In most cases the maker of the product should be identified as the author.

When someone breaks the copyright law and uses their material without their permission even if it’s small amount of their work or all of it.

Economic rights:

Economic rights give the owner of the property an advantage to gain money from their work. They can do this by selling the rights of their work or giving other people rights to use it.

The owner of the property has a right to object the following:


Reproduction of the product means by reproducing someone else’s work either by scanning, photocopying, handwriting or recording someone else’s music. However, the copyright law prevents this from happening and if this does occur than it would be acted upon.

Rental and lending

This covers renting or lending copies of a work to the public. For example, renting from a video store or loaning a CD from a library.

Communication to the public

This covers communication of a work to the public by electronic transmission. This would include broadcasting a work or putting it on the internet.

How does copyright work?

If you are using your own work and creating something out if that is totally upon yourself. However, if someone else has used your work to create something that they want to make you can do something about it for example suing them.

If you are using someone else’s work you always have to ask for permission otherwise there will be consequences. Some authors display there work on website’s such as Behance or you tube but you will always have to ask permission because it’s on the internet that doesn’t mean that you can use it. Some animators might request money if you want to use their work.

Copyright only covers something such as an animation if it has been created, or in the process of making.

You can always use works of other creators for inspiration, motivation and ideas however breaching any points that I have mentioned above such as copying there work or idea, story means that you are in violation of copying there work.

Why should you copyright you work?

A registration of a copyright creates a record of your copyright so if you had the work up on the internet and took it down and someone uses your work if you have the record of registration you can sue them however if you don’t then it will be tough case to prove who made the work.Before suing someone you always have to register your work before so yo can sue someone for copyright infringement.


In conclusion you should never use someone else’s work without their permission and always check if you are going to use their work if their copyright has ran out normally a copyright lasts till the creators death and additional 70 years. If someone else uses your work make sure you have registered you work so you can do something about with a registration if will be hard to tell if the work is yours. Copyright owners deserve compensation for the creation of their works. Copy protection is the simple solution to this problem. More complex solutions involve changes in the relationships between content creators, distributors, advertisers and consumers.





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